Chinese Man Undergoes Surgery to Remove 6-cm Beer Glass Stuck in Rectum

A man in China had stuck a beer glass in his rectum accidentally. He had to undergo surgery to remove the glass. The 53-year old man named Mr. Huang went to the Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Southwest Medical University in Lu to get the beer glass removed his rectum.

Professor Li Wusheng and his team of doctors had removed the glass from the man’s rectum successfully without causing any complications.

As reported by Times Now, an X-ray that was done before the surgery revealed a 6 cm tall glass with a diameter of 5.6cm to be stuck in the rectum of the man.

This is not the first time that a bizarre medical case from China has made headlines. Last year, a team of doctors at the Hospital of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine removed a seven-inch-long glass bottle from a 60-year-old man’s rectum by surgery.

As reported by News 18, the man told the doctors that he was using the bottle to scratch an itch on his backside when he accidentally inserted it into himself. After that, the man was facing difficulty in walking and thus he went to the hospital to get the bottle removed.

Before the surgery, an X-ray was conducted, which showed that the bottle that was stuck into the man’s rectum was about two inches from his anus.

Such bizarre and surprising medical cases from China have often made the headlines. Last month, doctors in China conducted a surgery to remove a 5-inch-long live worm from a patient’s brain. According to various reports, the parasite was living inside the brain of the patient for 17 years.

Earlier in May, doctors at a hospital in China removed a six-inch live worm from a woman’s brain after she suffered from severe headaches.

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