Man Wanting to Surprise Wife with a Trampoline in This Adorable Post Wins Hearts Online

A husband planning to surprise his wife a trampoline has taken social media by storm.

The man on Reddit put out a post in which he shared that he wanted to “generate and hide” hundreds of dollars from his wife. The man expressed his wish that he wanted to buy a trampoline for his 27-year-old wife.

In that post, he revealed that he is a student and earns far less than his wife. His gets money from internship, while his wife is engaged in a full-time job.

The man divulged that before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, he would take her to a trampoline park. However, because of the pandemic, the park has been shut and his wife has been disappointed. He added that she wanted to buy a trampoline for herself.

Now, he is in a fix because of two reasons. He wants to gift her trampoline, but does not know how he can earn the money for it in a short span of time and how to hide the surprise from his wife.

“I’m…kinda not super bright. I’m not a sharp idea generator, that’s usually her thing. I’m like the Hulk. Lots of ability. Must be directed. Misses the details,” the man said in his post.

While he has deleted the post, but its screenshots made it to Twitter.

Responding to the post, one user said that she would die for this man and his wife.

Another person called it pure, adding that she loved it.

“This is the cutest thing ever I love dumb straight men who are full of love for their wives,” said a twitterati.

Many users have appreciated the man for his efforts and intentions.

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