Man Accidentally Blows up House Roof While Chasing Fly With Electric Racquet

An octogenarian in France’s Dordogne accidentally blew his kitchen and part of the roof while trying to kill a tiny little fly with an electric racquet.

The man was going to eat dinner but got annoyed by the constant humming sound of the fly and decided to kill it, reported news portal Sud Ouest.

The incident happened on Friday evening around 7:30 pm. He picked up the electric racquet — unaware of the fact that a gas cannister in his home was leaking — and attacked the fly. When the inflammable gas came in contact with the electric racquet, which the man was swinging in the air, it caused an explosion.

The man miraculously escaped unhurt and only suffered a slight burn on his hand.

The impact of this explosion has damaged his home situated in Parcoul-Chenaud village, which has a population of 700 people.

A part of the ceiling collapsed due to the intensity of the blast, making the house inhabitable for the elderly man.

While his family is repairing the house, the man has checked into a local campsite.

Interestingly, it is not known if the fly that was annoying the old man and caused this huge accident has escaped unharmed or not.

Almost a month back, a man in England’s South Yorkshire’s Sheffield had also caused an accident, setting the house on fire while proposing to his girlfriend.

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Albert Ndreu, 26, decorated the living room for the grand proposal with candles and balloons. The house was set on fire after he left to pick his girlfriend Valerija Madevic to bring her home for the surprise proposal.

Albert decided to propose to Valerija in the charred living room of the house.

Unlike the octogenarian, Albert’s efforts did not go in vain as his girlfriend happily agreed to marry him.

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