Where’s the Cat in This Messy Room? Viral Image Has Left Netizens Scratching Their Heads

Find the cat.
(Credit Twitter)

Find the cat.
(Credit Twitter)

Could you find it yet? If not here’s where it’s hiding.

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  • Last Updated: September 7, 2020, 4:58 PM IST


Off late, ‘Find the…’ games have definitely become popular among netizens on Twitter. In another recent ‘find the object’ puzzle, one has to spot a cat hidden amid a hoard of other things and we bet it’ll leaved you scratching your head.

The viral image shows a messy room with objects scattered all over the place. One can also see a dog sitting somewhere on the ground while there are two doors opening to two rooms. Most of the things are turned upside down, with wall hangings falling out of the place. There’s an envelope pushed inside the realm of a mirror and broken vases, those have toppled. Finding a cat amidst a clutter of mess, can get quite difficult and here’s wishing you luck!

The viral image was shared by a Twitter user, who said, “Let’s get busy, find the cat in this room.”

The post instantly went viral attracting variety of hilarious reactions from netizens, while they were busy imploding their heads in finding the hiding feline.

Could you find it yet? If not here’s where it’s hiding.

Earlier too, there have been multiple such viral puzzles which were quick to engage netziens on social media.

Another game titled ‘find the lizard’ which had been created by Earyn McGee, herpetologist and PhD student at the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment, was being widely played by Twitterati.

As a part of this game the user had to spot the lizard in the picture that had been shared on Earyn’s Twitter handle. The spotting of this lizard can sometimes became very easy while sometimes it was really difficult.

Another twitter user had uploaded an optical illusion image of tigers, which left many people including Bollywood celebrities intrigued.

Captioning the image, the user asked, “How Many Tigers You See In This Pic?”

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