Hairball Weighing 6.8 Kg Removed from Jharkhand Teenager’s Abdomen

In a rather rare incident, a team of doctors successfully removed a ball of hair from a teenager’s abdomen in Jharkhand.

According to a report published in Times Now, the incident occurred with a 17-year-old girl, identified as Sweety Kumari. They said the girl had been suffering from something called the Rapunzel Syndrome. The doctors from a private hospital surgically removed a hairball weighing 6.8 kilograms from her body.

Around three years ago, Sweety underwent an ultrasound test. After the reports were out, the doctors at first thought that she had a tumor in her stomach. However, it was later established that the mass was an accumulation of her hair, which had occurred due to Rapunzel Syndrome.

Sweety underwent a successful six hours long surgery in Bokaro district. The operation was led by Dr. GN Sahu. Fortunately, in the first attempt itself, the doctors were able to pull out the large, entangled mass of hair that was present in her abdomen. Dr. Sahu claimed that he had not come across anything of this sort in his entire career spanning over four decades.

For the unversed, Rapunzel Syndrome is an extremely rare intestinal condition. This condition is caused by the ingestion of hair. The name Rapunzel Syndrome comes from the story character Rapunzel. As per the fairy tale, the girl had really long hair. The titular character is a part of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

One of the main symptoms of said syndrome includes bowel obstruction. The only cure for such a condition is to get the consumed hair removed through a surgical process.

Even though this condition is rare, there have been quite a few cases off late. In September last year, a team of experts removed a huge hairball from a teenager’s stomach. The incident was reported in Ludhiana. A team of doctors at the Mahavira Civil Hospital removed a huge hairball measuring 22 cm by 8 cm from the patient’s stomach.

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