Courageous Puppy Climbs Fence of Dog Cage to Escape, Inspires Other Doggos to Revolt

A little puppy has become a hero on social media for its 'contagious' courage | Image credit: Twitter

A little puppy has become a hero on social media for its ‘contagious’ courage | Image credit: Twitter

In the 18-second-long clip, a little puppy can be seen tenaciously climbing the metal fence of a dog and inspiring other dogs to scale the cage walls.

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A puppy is going viral on the internet for its display of sheer dedication and courage that seemed to have led to a freedom revolution inside of a dog cage.

In a video that has been going viral on the internet, a puppy – one among several dogs and puppies inside a dog cage, can be seen making dedicated efforts to climb the fence and exit the cage.

In the 18-second-clip, the tenacious puppy can be nimbly climbing up a metal fence acting as the wall of the roofless dog cage. Even as the task proved to be difficult, the little puppy does not give up and continues his difficult climb, much to the awe and curiosity of the other caged dogs.

Watching the puppy climb the fence seems to act as inspiration for the other dogs and one of them follows the puppy’s precedence and manages to climb the fence and escape the cage.

The inspiring and adorable clip was shared on the microblogging site Twitter by a user called Dushyant who wrote, “courage is contagious. Within a day, the video has managed to garner over two million views.

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This is not the first dog that went viral on social media this week for its uber cuteness. In a video that was widely shared on social media earlier in the week, a man can be seen offering a helping hand to a dog, who had been lying cold and shivering. In the video, the man can be seen taking off his own jacket and giving it to the shivering dog to warm him up. Images of the poor dog looking relieved and grateful after receiving the makeshift blanket won many hearts on Twitter and other platforms.

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