Teacher’s Day 2020: Five Times Educators Went Out of Their Way to Make Online Classes Better

Image Credits: Twitter/YouTube.

Image Credits: Twitter/YouTube.

Although online classes are the new normal, students are struggling to maintain focus and enthusiasm when learning. For teachers, it hasn’t been a cakewalk too. Here’s 5 times they went out of their way to do better.

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The restrictions across the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic have affected many areas including the education system.

In times like these, the only medium to impart and get lessons is through the digital domain.

Although online classes are the new normal, students are struggling to maintain focus and enthusiasm when learning. For teachers, it hasn’t been a cakewalk too.

They have had to come up with new ideas regularly to derive interest in teaching their students via a computer screen.

Nonetheless, some instances in the recent past have shown how teachers are stepping out of their ways to break monotony for the students. From coming up with various ‘jugaads’ to singing for the toddlers to showing their caring side, teachers are leaving no stone unturned to make the best opportunity in the present circumstances.

1. Desi Chemistry Teacher’s ‘Jugaad’

A YouTube lesson of a teacher by the name Ajay Yashpal was made hilarious with his “super trick, very Funny & easy method”. To help his students memorise the periodic table in Chemistry, Yashpal gave away some of the most bizarre mnemonics that left netizens in splits.

2. Teacher explaining Volcanic Eruption with Sound Effects

It is difficult to maintain a sense of humour and positivity when conducting virtual classes. However, a teacher’s unique explainer of demonstrating a volcano eruption stole the show. The teacher in the hilarious video was making hand gestures and strange sounds to make it easier for students to understand the pouring hot lava. He even compares the volcano to a growing pimple which slowly grows until it finally bursts. No one saw that coming!

3. Using new-age technologies

A young government teacher in a Karnataka village has been using new-age technologies to create 3D content. During the lockdown, the primary school teacher who gave lessons in physics, chemistry and biology to students from rural India, made videos using the game developing app Arloopa. He used Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tools to make science lessons more interesting and interactive.

4. Teacher dancing to teach Tamil alphabets to Class 1 students

M Meena, a government primary school teacher, from Tamil Nadu had a difficult task of handling online classes for students of Class 1. Instead of just using blackboards but making learning enjoyable, she adopted a novel approach by coming up with a song and dance routine. The teacher dances as she puts the letters into tune in an effort to interest students in classes.

5. Teacher gets innovative by using Refrigerator Tray

Unfortunately, most teachers in the country are bound to conduct virtual classes but not all of them have resources at their disposal to even do so. One such teacher, who had limited access to technology, resorted to a creative way to impart learning to her students. She was seen taking online classes on her phone, placed on a refrigerator tray and solving problems on a sheet that is kept under the dish resting on two containers. Her innovative way of teaching went viral online and touched many hearts.

Where would we be without our teachers dedication to education?

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