Selena Gomez believes Rare Beauty highlights ‘what makes you feel beautiful’

Selena Gomez believes Rare Beauty highlights ‘what makes you feel beautiful’

With Rare Beauty making its debut on the bubbling market, Selena Gomez sat for a press conference and detailed her thoughts regarding the release of her ‘unique’ line, dedicated to challenging “the beauty space” and making users “feel beautiful.”

During the press conference with E Online, Selena Gomez began by admitting, “I love imperfection. I love imperfection.” For Gomez, making a product and pushing it out into the market is not a mechanic process. She has no intention of merely slapping her name on something and pumping it out. The singer believes “It should be an accessory and it should be something you are proud of wearing—highlighting what makes you feel beautiful.”

“The whole reason why I wanted to create Rare was to kind of challenge the beauty space. I didn’t want to be just a celebrity attaching her name to something because that’s definitely not my style. I would feel very disingenuous.”

This makeup line is effectively “such a crucial part of my life” however even with such a personal project being out in the open, Gomez believes in the “less is more” rule and plans to only dish out quality over quantity.

“I think when you are out and about in your home, I feel like that’s your opportunity to be whoever you want to be. The time has allowed me to really sit with things that may be uncomfortable and to learn so much about what’s going on. I feel that it’s something that I want to be beyond grand, and so, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.”

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