Meghan Markle, Prince Harry opt for Netflix deal to pay off ‘whopping bills’

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry opt for Netflix deal to shave off ‘whopping bills’

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix deal being the talk of the town, a gross payout of over $100 million to $150 million has been estimated.

Many royal experts and sources believe this decision “comes at the right time”, considering the mounting bills that are constantly piling up under the couple’s noses.

According to royal expert and ITV News’s editor Chris Ship, Harry and Meghan reportedly chose to go down this route in an attempt to pay back the mounting bills they have been racking up since their first move was finalized.

Even ABC News’s foreign correspondent, Maggie Rulli believes a major part of this decision had to do with their splurge on an £11 million mansion in Santa Barbara.

She believes, “Netflix will be a nice pay day. That was a major part of it, I think. They have a huge house they now have to pay for, and supposedly it is not coming from Prince Charles anymore.” After all, with 16 bedrooms and bathrooms, Santa Barbara is by no means a humble abode, and will require a lot of ‘green’ for upkeep.”

A royal source also weighed in on the couple’s decision to saying, “It is not just this mansion they have to pay for, which they have a whopping great mortgage on, reportedly £7.5million.

“They also said they would replay the money for the renovation for Frogmore Cottage which was £2.4million. They have to pay rent on that, plus running costs and security bills.”

The source added that while this Netflix deal will provide them with “a lot of money, they need a lot of money to pay for all these things” as it is, so this step might just be a bucket in an ocean.

In order to make this decision worthwhile, the couple has opted for “five year deals with important stars.” After all, “It is a powerhouse. It can guarantee payments to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for five years if that is necessary.”

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