Frank Sinatra’s Song Calms Down Kaavan, the Elephant Who is Unhappy and Obese after Partner’s Death

Most of us like to listen to soothing songs when our spirits are down. It seems that animals are no different.

An elephant named Kaavan, currently living in a zoo in Pakistan’s Islamabad feels calmer when he listens to American singer Frank Sinatra’s popular song, My Way, reported Reuters.

Kaavan is supposed to move to a sanctuary in Cambodia because a Pakistani court ruled that all the animals in the zoos of Islamabad should either be set free or transferred to a better environment.

Speaking about his relationship with Kaavan, Amir Khalil, the veterinarian who first sang the famous number to the elephant, said, “When we arrived 10 days ago … I started to train him and to sing to him and he accommodated me so we have a relationship.”

Khalil has previously worked in war zones to rescue animals and is now working with Four Paws, a welfare organisation. His job is to determine if the elephant is safe to travel to Cambodia.

Kaavan is 36-years old and has spent many years in an enclosed space in a zoo. He has been living alone since the last eight years after his partner died.

The elephant was also sedated in order to give him a thorough check-up. As per Frank Goeritz, the elephant specialist at Four Paws, Kaavan will most probably be able to travel despite the fact that he is obese, unhappy and has malformed nails, which have a risk of causing serious infection.

He is now waiting for the results of Kaavan’s blood test. Goeritz said, “Let’s wait until we have all the results, but so far I don’t see a big problem with him travelling … he is facing a good life.”

The court in Pakistan gave this decision after a global animal rights campaign, which was backed by American singer Cher. Animal rights campaigners have also raised concerns about the poor conditions of zoos in Islamabad. In the past four years, dozens of animals have died at Islamabad zoo, including four lion cubs.

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