Dude Perfect Who? Viral Video of Kid Scoring a ‘Trick Shot’ is The Content We Need

Nowadays, kids know how to use laptops, mobiles and other gadgets. Besides, there are several videos of kids on the Internet showing them doing extraordinary things.

Recently, a video of a little boy has surfaced on social media in which he can be seen putting a ball in a basketball net fixed on the back of a man, who is probably the kid’s dad.

The video shows the man walking ahead of the boy, who can be seen shooting the ball into the net. The kid is wearing a LA Lakers uniform. In the clip, when the boy puts the ball into the basket, the man gets hold of the ball and gives him back to shoot again.

The clip was shared on Twitter with a caption reading, “Ball is life..” The video has gone viral as it has received more than 480K views and over 1K likes.

Responding to the tweet, a user thanked the person who posted the video for sharing it, calling the clip a happy thing.

“Practice, practice, practice then the big leagues,” said a Twitterati.

A person appreciated the man in the video for doing the right thing. He said, “Well, that dad seems to be using his head alright. It’s about time”.

One user called the man the world’s best dad, while the other called him a cool father.

“Can’t wait to see this kid hoopin’ in the @NBA one day! And the dad watching from courtside!,” said a netizen.

A person said he loved the automatic ball return, while another wrote kid is good with a heart emoji.

Some fathers are best friends of their children. They stand with them in their tough times and celebrate in good days. Besides, fathers make their children ready to face the world.

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