Rice, Truck and Rum: Indian Man’s Hilarious Twitter Thread on Bulk Buying Gone Wrong is Pure Gold

Have you ever come across something on Twitter, and just clicked your tongue and said, “Just India things”? Well, this Twitter thread about a man’s misadventures with a truck full of rice is exactly that.

On Thursday, Shiv Ramdas, whose Twitter bio says he is a writer, posted on the social media platform about a hilarious, yet unimaginable incident that happened to his brother-in-law. Ramdas said that the incident took place in India, although the location was not disclosed.

Ramdas’ brother-in-law, fed up of being sent to buy rice every day, decided to negotiate with the shopkeeper so that he could buy in bulk at a time. Due to some miscommunication, the man ended up with a truck full of rice outside his home, much to the fury and dismay of the rest of his family members. Ramdas, in his now-viral thread, made it very clear when he said the truck was an Indian lorry and wasn’t to be confused with an SUV.

He also mentioned about his sister who was fuming and in his own words said: “She’s terrifying, I’m on the phone and I’m scared and she isnt even angry at me.”

Ramdas then went on to narrate how his brother-in-law tried to negotiate with the truck drivers and those at the warehouse to take the rice back. He also gave detailed accounts of how he tried to bribe the men as well, and yes, the bribe included cigarettes too.

Take a look:

Enter Manu, the man Ramdas described as “Mr Wolf of Warehouses”, the only one who can apparently sort this out and make the sacks of rice go away.

Ramdas also gave an account of his brother-in-law’s “passionate negotiation” with Manu to the extent that he also played the “are you married?” card.

A conclusion was finally reached. “Apparently compromise is that if BIL buys some sacks of rice* and then Manu will make the rest just go away,” wrote Ramdas.

Ramdas’ brother-in-law also recommended that he throw in a bottle of Scotch for Manu, for making the whole thing go away — an offer the lorry driver seemed to like.

The story eventually came to an end with the brother-in-law having successfully brought down the number from a truck full of sacks of rice to 23 sacks. And of course, one bottle of rum and one bottle of Scotch too.

“We end our live report this AM with these final images for you, of a man standing on his verandah, surrounded by 23 sacks of rice, afraid to open his own front door,” Ramdas tweeted at the end.

The Twitter thread by Ramdas went viral on the social media platform on Thursday night, and a user even pointed out how “Manu” had been the trending keyword!

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