Man Creates Music Using Melons and Kiwis, Internet Loves the ‘Melon-dy’

This man is using melons and kiwis to make electronic music has gone viral. Credit: Twitter

This man is using melons and kiwis to make electronic music has gone viral. Credit: Twitter

The viral video shared by Rex Chapman depicts a man playing music with melons and kiwis and has garnered over 3.1 million views on Twitter.

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One can never be prepared for all the things that the internet has to offer. Recently, an unusual music video has left netizens completely shook. The music in this unusual video has been made using fruits.

According to the video that has been shared by former American Basketball player Rex Chapman, a young man can be seen playing his music on the poolside.

The musician has used kiwis, watermelon, and musk melon slices to create the music. He has connected some wires to the fruits in order to produce the electronic sound. These wires are connected to a metal board and the board is then connected to a laptop.

In order to add rhythm to his track, the man has used drums. He is seen hitting the pedal of the drums using his feet. These too are connected to the system.

The person is using his fingers to produce music from the fruits. From the clip, it can be seen that his fingers are moving very smoothly in a systematic manner.

The video has been recorded on a poolside. The musician is clad in a light brown printed shirt and is wearing bright yellow shorts with it. He has paired it with black headphones so that he can enjoy the track that he is creating.

Captioning the video Rex wrote, “Bro – he’s playing melons…”

Till now the video has been viewed more than three million times on Twitter alone. The clip has already been liked by as many as 125 thousand users.

The clip has got all kinds of reactions. While some people have appreciated the music, a few of them have asked if the video is real at all.

A person said, “Pretty cool how we now know placing electrodes on biological material, even fruit can create sounds a human can manipulate into music. Maybe, in the future, this’ll lead to new ways to give literal voices to ppl who lose theirs. Fun inventions can lead to life-changing ones. #GoBlue”

Another one said, “The people that don’t understand the science behind this so claim it isn’t real are the descendants of the people who drowned “witches” in Salem.”

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