Gabriella Brooks is not bothered by Liam Hemsworth’s past with Miley Cyrus

Gabriella Brooks is not bothered by Liam Hemsworth’s past with Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend Gabriella Brooks is reportedly comfortable knowing that Miley Cyrus is now single because she has no worries about any possible residual or lingering feelings he might have for the Midnight Sky singer.

A source spoke to Us Weekly about the Gabriella and Liam affair, saying, “They’re both secure in their relationship and Gabriella isn’t worried that Liam has any lingering feelings for Miley and isn’t intimidated by their relationship.

“Liam and Gabriella are really close and feel comfortable with one another. They connect over important topics and share the same values about family and life.”

The source further said, “Liam and Gabriella are going strong and have been quarantining together and enjoying their time in Byron Bay. Liam has some movie projects coming up and is happy to be living in Australia and being able to spend his downtime with Gabriella.”

Even Miley previously admitted to Rogan in his podcast that any chance of reconciliation with Liam is over because “when it’s over, it’s over.” Adding, “What’s painful isn’t the relationship, it’s then when it’s done, you holding on for that extra however long you try to make it work.”

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