Daisy Shah Poses with ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, Her Laughter Says She Hasn’t Read it

Daisy Shah while posing with the book.

Daisy Shah while posing with the book.

Was she reading a Whatsapp joke from the mobile phone secretly placed on book? We don’t know.

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It is always great to find humour and smiles in a book. But actor Daisy Shah laughing while a reading a book is making the Internet roll its eyes. An image of the actor in smiles while reading Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns is surprising everyone. And why not? The book is a sad story, with tragedy pouring out right from the beginning.

In fact, Daisy Shah’s expression in no way suggests that she is reading from the book. Was she reading a Whatsapp joke from the mobile phone secretly placed on book? We don’t know. Those who have read the book remember being blinded by tears while reading the heartbreaking story of friendship, love, sacrifice and hope set in war-torn Afghanistan.

Daisy Shah, what is that laugh for? ‘Our business is our business, none of your business’ is fine, but this book is beyond that business. Or was the Jai Ho actress given a different script in the cover of Khaled Hosseinni’s tragic story? The story is about Mariam, an illegitimate child who suffers a heartbreak after trying to go to her biological father, who is a rich man. her status of illegitimacy invites abuse in her married life too.

Fate brings Mariam to Laila, a young girl who had seen a privileged childhood. However, a rocket lands near her home and shatters her life as she loses her parents. Laila is compelled to marry Rasheed, Mariam’s husband, who is many years elder to her. Initial bitterness between the two women turns into a sweet friendship, but Mariam makes a sacrifice to give new life to Laila and her long-lost love Tariq with whom she has a son. The two women unintentionally kill Rasheed and Mariam asks Laila to flee with her kids and Tariq, while Mariam is taken away by the Taliban and shot at as punishment for the alleged murder of Rasheed.

The book brims with sad scenes with the the opening line where Mariam’s mother taunts her for illegitimacy as a few-years-old kid. Her father’s indifference when she goes to his house with a hope of being accepted, returning to her house to see her mother hanging by tree. Then there is Laila’s story where a rocket lands near her home and sees everything flying in the air and loses conscious.

The last moments of Mariam being taken away for execution and seeing her mother and father in a dream before getting killed will wrench you heart.

However, the actor took to social media and responded to the reactions people had on her photograph. “You don’t know me or my life. Am I a reader or am I using things as a prop or was I also having a conversation with some1 at the very same time or may be not. So you know what make ur own stories about whatever you want,” she wrote.

May be she has a point.

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