100-Million-Year-Old Crater Found in Australia is Over 5 Kms in Diameter

There is so much left to be discovered and explored on the Earth even after all these years. Recently, a 100 million-year-old meteorite crater was found while a company in Western Australia was drilling the Earth for gold.

According to a report published in The Guardian, the crater’s size is approximately five kilometres in terms of diameter. This is also said to be one of the largest craters across the world.

Dr Jayson Meyers, who is a geologist and geophysicist, said, “This discovery was made in an area where the landscape is very flat. You wouldn’t know it was there because the crater has been filled in over geological time.”

This particular crater can be found near the Goldfields mining town of Ora Banda, north-west of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It was discovered in the land that is owned by Australia’s third-largest gold-mining company, Evolution Mining.

Giving further insight on the crater, Dr Meyers added, “There are probably quite a few more out there. We have probably been hit by more asteroids than we thought. If we start recognising more of these, then the landscape begins changing, and we have to ask ourselves what is the frequency and why are they happening?”

The experts have been using latest techniques like gravity surveying to map out the crater. This discovery, as per the researchers, will lead to many other revelations in the coming times.

According to Dr Meyers, this discovery is going to help various scientists in predicting the next meteorite strike on Earth.

He added that in order to make an impact of this big a size, the asteroid would’ve been approximately 100-200 metres in diameter. This meant that a pretty big rock came towards Earth to make the strike.

He also mentioned that while the meteor caused the hole when the ground was pushed down from the pressure, it bounced back up after rebounding.

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