This IFS Officer’s Visiting Card Grows into a Bright Basil Plant

IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan's visiting card. 
(Credit: Twitter)

IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan’s visiting card.
(Credit: Twitter)

In another tweet, he informed that holy basil is called Tulsi and it has many benefits.

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Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Praveen Kaswan often shares pictures of wildlife on his social media account. This time, he has posted something unique that will inspire people to go green. The IFS officer has posted a picture of his visiting card that will yield a herb, if planted.

“So now anybody coming to my office is getting this. This card when planted grows into a bright basil plant.”

In another tweet, he informed that holy basil is called Tulsi and it has many benefits.

Netizens have praised him profusely and his post has garnered more than 30K likes and over 3K retweets.

Responding to the tweet, one user, who introduced him as an environmental specialist, said he has “done over 150 ha of afforestation. Besides 75 ha propagation and conservation of endangered mangroves.”

Replying to the user, Kaswan said it was nice to hear the information and asked him to keep up the good work.

A person, expressing his views, said that people would not plant the cards and keep it in holders. To drive his point home, he said that when people value a person, they also value his visiting card.

Giving a response to this user, the IFS officer said that the card does not have any details and he has not even shared his contact number. He added that it’s just given as a parting gift.

Some netizens also enquired how they can get such a card made for them. Kaswan shared the details from where the people can get it made. He put out the details of Wildsense, which created cards for him.

Kaswan wrote, “Ok. So many friends are enthusiastic about the idea. So I asked for more details. These people will design for you also. They can take direct orders. As I am being told.”

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