Massive Black Hole Collision Produced a Mass 142 Times the Sun that Can Rattle Earth’s Signals

A new revelation from space is bound to blow your mind away. A gravitational shockwave occurred due to a merger between two black holes that produced a mass 142 times of the Sun.

According to a report published in the BBC, this has been the biggest merger that has ever been observed. If the experts are to be believed then this signal took some seven billion years to reach Earth. But what is more interesting is the fact that after all these years the signal was still so strong that it could rattle laser detectors in the United States and in Italy.

As per the researchers, the collision produced a single entity with a mass 142 times that of the Sun.

Professor Nelson Christensen from the Côte d’Azur Observatory in France told the BBC, “It’s astounding, really. This signal propagated for seven billion years. So this event happened ‘just before halftime’ for the Universe, and now it’s mechanically moved our detectors here on Earth”.

This has been analysed by the international LIGO-VIRGO collaboration. This operates in three super-sensitive gravitational wave-detection systems in America and Europe. The instruments on May 21 last year were triggered by a strong signal that lasted just for one-tenth of a second.

It is being said that 85-solar-mass objects are involved in the collision. The only possible explanation that is being given for this is that it was in itself a result of an even earlier black hole union.

According to Professor Martin Hendry, from Glasgow University, United Kingdom, stated, ”We are talking here about a hierarchy of mergers, a possible pathway to make bigger and bigger black holes. So, who knows? This 142-solar-mass black hole may have gone on to have merged with other very massive black holes – as part of a build-up process that goes all the way to those supermassive black holes we think are at the heart of galaxies”.

The event has been catalogued as GW190521 in the research. It is also said that GW190521 is one of over 50 gravitational wave triggers that are being currently investigated at the laser laboratories.

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