Chicken Dinner and ‘SUBG’: Indian Food Apps are Making the Most of PUBG Ban

Swiggy Zomato, KFC, Oven Story were some of the brands who made pun to roll out offers after PUBG ban.

Swiggy Zomato, KFC, Oven Story were some of the brands who made pun to roll out offers after PUBG ban.

From chicken dinners to SUBG ban, creative heads at food brands played with words and pun to make offers to heartbroken gamers after PUBG ban.

  • Last Updated: September 3, 2020, 6:53 PM IST


PUBG ban after fresh escalation between China and India in Ladakh has been a heartbreak to many. In fact, soon after the ban was announced on Wednesday, PUBG was the world’s top trend. From Indian cricketers to students and youngsters, this game had everyone hooked to it and the ban just meant a feeling of dejection. But the ban had a silver lining, at least for brands who played with pun to roll out offers.

Creative teams of food delivery apps and food chains were the first ones to get the best out of the situation. Zomato had chicken dinner offers soon after the ban. The battle royale game promises the winner a highly coveted Chicken dinner as reward. Sorry gamers, no more chicken dinners.

KFC too had some chicken dinner on offer after PUBG addicts were left high and dry following the ban.

Swiggy chipped in too.

Swiggy sent a mobile notification to its customers too where it tried to play with pun. “Want to ban a home-made SUBG?” they wrote in the message offering discounts.

Dating app Tinder joined the chorus too and wrote, “Maybe he’ll stop playing games now.”

But highlight of the trend remained food brands offering chicken dinners and ban on SUBG.

Singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh too played with words as he reacted to the news of PUBG getting banned. He posted a picture of him and Akshay Kumar from the promotions of Good Newz.

And when a fan asked him if he too loved the game, Dosanjh slayed it with his response. “SUB-G SUB-G Khelta Hu RASODE MAI,” he wrote.

As part of the third crackdown on Chinese-owned apps and online platforms, the Government of India has now banned PUBG, the incredibly popular battle royale game that was pretty much a permanent fixture on the top of the charts on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. In fact, around 25% of all of PUBG’s global gamer base came from India—with online analytics firm SensorTower confirming in numbers over the summer that PUBG has seen more than 175 million game installation in India.

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