Billie Eilish regrets disclosing ‘the tiny amount’ of her dating life to public

Billie Eilish regrets disclosing ‘the tiny amount’ of her dating life to public

American pop sensation Billie Eilish is one of the most private celebrities ever to grace fans with her mellifluous voice, so much so that not much is ever known about her dating preferences.

However, during a recent interview with Capital Breakfast’s Roman Kemp,  Eilish shed some light on her decision and explained why she chooses to keep her decisions to herself and even opened up about her thoughts on ousting relationships for unwanted public scrutiny.

The singer admitted, “I mean, like, I’ve had relationships and kept them private. And even the ones that I’ve had, and like, the tiny amount that I’ve let the world see, I regret.”

“I can’t even ‘imagine’. I think about it sometimes. I think about, like, the people that have made their relationships, like, OD public — you know what I’m talking about? And then they break up!”

“And it’s like, what if it goes bad? And then everybody has this whole opinion on your relationship that they have no idea about. So it’s very much not something I’m interested in.”

However all of that does not mean the 18-year-old plans to settle down just yet, during a past interview with British GQ, Eilish claimed, “It is so weird, but I don’t see it for myself. I know I will find someone eventually, but at the moment I can’t visualize it. I feel like I am a totally different person when I am with someone else. People just don’t do it for me. It’s weird.”

While there was a point in her young life where all she wanted was a boyfriend, she has now matured and come to realize her ‘power’.

“I’ve had my heart broken, sure. People have done some terrible s— to me. The crazy [expletive] I have gone through,” she said. “It’s been months and I am not attracted to people anymore. I don’t know what’s going on… It’s actually kind of dope.”

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