Fresh Pugmarks of Tigress Spotted Twice in Telangana after 17 Years, Officials Excited

Image for representation | Image credit: Reuters

Image for representation | Image credit: Reuters

Forest officials first spotted the pugmarks of a tigress in the Bhupalpally Mandal area in Telangana.

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  • Last Updated: September 2, 2020, 8:29 PM IST


Spotting a tigress after 17 years is happy news for forest officials who work rigorously towards maintaining the population of wildlife in the forest and nature reserves. On Saturday, August 29, the forest officials first spotted the pugmarks of a tigress in the Bhupalpally Mandal area in Telangana. It ran a wave of happiness as the incident occurred in the region for the first time in 17 years.

Just two days after the incident, the officials reported fresh pugmarks of the tigress on Monday, August 31. As the incident has occurred twice within a span of two days, the officials have accelerated the search to find the big cat now. While the images of the tigress have not been captured yet, officials have installed the cameras all around the area to get a glimpse of the wild animal.

On Monday, the traces of the wild cat were found in an area located 30 kms away from the Azamnagar village, as revealed in a report in the Times of India. Forest officials are convinced that the tigress is currently on the move. She might either be looking for meat or a new territory.

“The tiger is continuously on the move either in search of food or for territory. We have installed a few camera traps in key areas along its path and have also called for a wild animal tracking team to monitor its movement with the help of its pug marks, scat and tree markings,” quoted K Purushotham, district forest officer, as saying.

They also believe that the big cat came to the area a couple of months ago. She either migrated from Indravati Tiger Reserve in Chhattisgarh or the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

Another wild cat was last spotted in the Mahadevpur forest area back in 2003.

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