Billionaire CEOs to Survive on Salary of Lowest-paid Workers? Twitter Wants This to be a Reality Show

A social media user has come up with an interesting idea for a reality show.

The user named Eva Marie Luter has talked of a reality show in which billionaire CEOs will have to sustain for a month on the salary of their lowest-paid employees.

Eva took to Twitter to say, “ok hear me out….a reality show where billionaire CEOs have to live off of their lowest-paid employee’s salary for a month”.

The tweet has gone viral as it has received more than one million likes and over 177K retweets. A large number of netizens have also commented on the tweet.

A user turned Eva’s idea the other way. He said what about a show in which the lowest-paid worker will have to live off CEO’s salary.

Expressing his view, another person said, “You must think they can’t survive… Watch how they double their income Man shrugging by simply educating themselves and investing… Self-made billionaires”.

Offering a suggestion, a Twitterati wrote that the show should be a two-hour long special.

“Remove their connections! A person with no money at all but has the ears of investors or has connections can quickly build off of nothing,” said a person.

One user said that she would actually want to watch such a show.

Another Twitterati wrote that she liked the idea and she wants to make this happen.

However, a person pointed out that this is not a new idea. He said, “People tweet this and seriously act like it hasn’t been tweeted word for word since 2016 a million times”.

A report published in BBC in February informed that the boss of a card payments company in Seattle decided to pay a $70,000 minimum salary to all his staff in 2015 and also took a pay cut of $1 million. Even today, he is on the minimum salary.

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