YouTuber Creates World’s Smallest 3D-printed iMac in Size of a Canned Drink and it Works too

The world's smallest I Mac is the size of a drink can. Credits: YouTube

The world’s smallest I Mac is the size of a drink can. Credits: YouTube

As long as a drink can, this 3D-printed iMac houses a Raspberry Pi and a standard 7-inch aftermarket screen that probably costs less than a Lightning cable.

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Apple’s iMac comes in various sizes, with the one at 21.5 inches being the smallest one. While that might sound pretty small, a YouTuber has worked on making an even smaller iMac, with size at 7-inch iMac. Interestingly, it not only looks astonishing but has an additional feature as well.

YouTuber and engineer Michael Pick has developed an iMac equal to the size of a drink can. It is a 3D-printed iMac consisting of a Raspberry Pi and a standard 7-inch aftermarket screen. Placed altogether, the set-up costs him less than a Lightning cable.

Pick shared a video showing his innovation on his YouTube channel called The Casual Engineer. Bonus information, the channel comes with some really fun little projects, similar to this one.

The introduction of his device on Pick’s YouTube channel reads, “World’s smallest iMac build! In this build, I design, and 3D print a miniature iMac. I begin by gently modifying/cutting a Raspberry Pi 4 with my Dremel to fit inside my ultra-slim iMac case”.

To complete it all, he painted, primed, and assembled the tiniest iMac. He also benchmarked it by playing Minecraft.

He also shared which part of the video shown which sequence in the introduction section of the video. This includes printing parts, trimming screen to fit parts, cutting the Pi, connecting power, connecting HDMI, trimming power cable, and final assembly.

The 12 minute and 29 seconds video has been liked over 53 thousand times and was posted on August 23. It has received likes from people who have appreciated the efforts done by the YouTuber.

A user wrote, “Nice work! Super clever to get the vent and pinholes to line up. Multi-functional. I like it.” Another user suggested, “If you want an even smoother finish, use ‘high build’ primer. Let dry, sand.”

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