This Nudist Couple Wants Someone to Help Them Shift Naked, Agrees to Pay a Huge Sum

An offer by a nudist couple in the UK seems to be really appealing. However, it comes with a little-term and condition. The couple contacted the removal site Shift, which helps people in moving their homes and offices, to post an interesting advertisement.

Some offers are really fascinating and attractive. The only issue with them is that they come with a condition. While some people do not mind these conditions given that the reward money is great, others might hate to compromise on some of their life principles.

The advertisement came with a ‘bespoke moving job’, which demanded someone with a van who can help them in moving house next month. The lovebirds were more than happy to pay an enormous amount of £2,000 (Rs 1,74,926) to the right candidate. The only issue is that it comes with a condition, which wants the ‘right candidate’ to work around without putting on any clothes.

Unfortunately, the team at Shift couldn’t take up the advertisement as it does not go with their operating policies. The site shared the plea on their blog post instead.

Sharing the screenshot of their online chat with the couple, the blog mentioned, “The couple stated that they were willing to pay £2,000 for a removal professional willing to complete the work in the nude – the proposed date for the move is in mid-September.”

If you are willing to apply for the post, all you need to do is fill up a questionnaire with your details.

The couple also mentioned in their request through messages that the reason behind moving was husband’s work. They expected someone who could mirror their practises while touching the objects around their house.

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