Looking for a Daddy? This UK Man Will Take Care of Your Kids Like a Father for Rs 2,500 an Hour

Rent a Daddy | Image credit: Facebook

Rent a Daddy | Image credit: Facebook

A man named Jake James from New South Wales is renting out his services as a dad on Facebook.

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It is a fact that taking care of kids is not an easy task. Many times, parents find it difficult to keep their children occupied all the time. In order to help such people, a man based out of New South Wales’ Blue Haven is offering his services in a unique way.

A man named Jake James is renting out his services as a dad. He has shared a collage of pictures along with the caption, “Trying out a new career move to get away from trucks so everybody gets on board and support your boy. Rent a daddy today”.

The first picture of the collage is his own mirror selfie, in which he is seen wearing a light grey hoodie along with a grey trouser. He has completed the look with a maroon cap. On the other side of the photo, he has shared the details and terms and conditions of his services.

He has started the post by saying, “Has your baby daddy been acting up? Tired of him playing games? Does he put drugs and his mates before his kids? Get yourself a rent a daddy!!”

Jake has also mentioned that he would be charging a sum of $30 per hour. On Sunday’s extra 20% surcharge will also be levied. In order to make his services more accessible, he has kept multiple payment options including cash, debit, afterpay and zip pay. For those who are interested in getting the services offered by him have been requested to connect with him through his social media handles on Facebook and Instagram.

The post on Facebook alone has been shared by over 13 hundred users and has garnered more than 1000 comments. A person wrote, “Tbh i actually think it’s a good idea good on this man for wanting to step up ..where do I apply?”

Another one said, “I should have charged my ex. Instead I got used and left broken.. ha haaaa. Should make a killing mate”. Majority of the users have also dropped in laugh out loud emojis liberally on the post.

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