Alternative to Mars? Map of Water on Venus Hints at Possibility of Life on the Planet

Scientists on Earth have been long on a quest to find out more about the presence of life forms or the possibility of it. To explore more about it and enquire about the presence of various necessities for the emergence of life form, various space agencies from the world have sent their mission to Mars. Scientists have also tried to know about the possibility of conditions necessary for life forms on another neighbouring planet of Earth – the Venus.

On August 21, a Reddit user named Dragonite-2 shared the map of the Venus in a public post in MapPorn subreddit. It came with the caption, “Map of Venus if it has as much water as Earth”.

As pointed out by Inverse, the map which shows how Venus would appear with water is similar to the water-filled map of Mars by Aaditya Raj Bhattarai shared on the same platform earlier in August.

It is one of the proposals which focuses on transforming the Red Planet. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk also has an idea, which includes colonization of Mars. His plans include building a city on Mars and creating an atmosphere that enables humans to walk around only if they have their breathing apparatus.

However, while the possibility of finding living conditions on Mars are increasingly high, with NASA planning a manned mission to the Red Planet soon, it would be difficult to live on Venus’ surface, where the temperature reaches 465 degrees Celsius.

The Reddit post has created an online discussion. A user said that transforming the planet would not be a difficult job, however, it will take time. Explaining the process, the user mentioned, “Get the DEM file (downloadable from NASA), then run through the various calculations processes and such in either ArcGIS or QGIS to generate river courses from the terrain map, then convert those from raster to shapefile”. It then suggests fixing the errors manually and generating a stream order sequence.

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