WATCH: Thoughtful Man Hilariously Offers Free WiFi to His Neighbours But There’s a Catch

Pablo Rochat Shared free wifi password as long as couple of steps distance. Credits: Instagram

Pablo Rochat Shared free wifi password as long as couple of steps distance. Credits: Instagram

The video shared by Pablo Rochat created a buzz on social media, and the video garnered more than 127 thousand views and flurry of comments.

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Do you actively try to find free WiFi when you are out and about? The first question that crosses our minds is: “What’s the WiFi password?”

Recently one person decided to share his password with his neighbours but there’s a catch.

Pablo Rochat, a digital creative artist based in San Francisco, U.S, recently, shared a poster on a wall saying ‘Free Wifi’ in big bold letters to draw attention. But once people tried to get close to view the details, they got the network named “Goodluck” and the password extending so long that they had to take a stroll to read it completely.

Netizens were baffled as the shortest password allowed with WPA2 is eight characters long, the longest one can be up to 63 characters long, which in this case crosses the limit.

However, the artist shared it on Instagram with a caption: ” Let my neighbors use my wifi”

Have a look at the post:

The same video was shared by Ken Rutkowski on twitter with a caption, “It’s always kind when your neighbor wants to share their wifi.”

Soon the video went viral on all social media platforms and netizens couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious video. Here are some of the reactions:

Though this is not the first time Rochat’s post has gone viral, earlier too his posts created a buzz on social media.

What do you think about this video? Will you login to this wifi connection?

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