PM Modi Lauds Brave Army Dogs Sophie and Vida, Urges People to Bring Home Indian Breeds

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to 68th edition of the monthly radio broadcast “Mann ki Baat” on Sunday.

In his address to the nation, PM Modi spoke about the importance of ensuring one’s safety by maintaining social distancing amid coronavirus. He mentioned the made in India apps that are gaining popularity after Chinese apps ban, the importance of toy in a child’s development, and the incredible contribution of teachers in the ensuing pandemic.

However, it was his mention of Sophie and Vida, the Army dogs who were given the ‘Commendation Cards’ on Independence Day, that became a trending topic on microblogging site Twitter. The Prime Minister further urged his countrymen to adopt loyal Indian bred canines who were easy to maintain.

While pooch Vida was key in the detection of five mines and a grenade, Sophie, an explosive detection dog saved lives by sniffing out the accelerant used to initiate makeshift bombs.

Soon after PM Modi’s Mann ki Baat concluded, Twitterati came along to recognise the efforts of the brave and precious canines who ended up saving human lives.

Speaking of festivals, Modi lauded Indian citizens for being disciplined in such testing times.

“Usually these days are meant for various festivals but coronavirus has changed that. People are a lot more cautious now, and the discipline is touching and inspiring,” he said.

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