Kylie Jenner slammed over flaunting expensive Parisian getaway during COVID-19

Kylie Jenner slammed over flaunting expensive Parisian getaway during COVID-19

While the California state government is urging its residents to refrain from travel of all kinds, so as to effectively “prevent further spread of COVID-19,” celebrities like Kylie Jenner are continuing to ignore travel precautions put in place by the state of California.

The state’s online site believes, “Californians should not travel significant distances and should stay close to home as much as possible.” However, for those who have to travel outside of the state, it is advised to follow guidelines, wear masks and stay at least six feet away from anyone whom you do not immediately live with.

Yet, it appears all such precautions were thrown into the air when Kylie posted pictures of herself cozying up to Fai Khandra.

Soon after the pictures went up, fans began getting livid over the blatant disregard of health and safety protocols. One user pointed out the two faced attitude of the travel industry during these troubling times, claiming, “Kylie Jenner going to Paris during Covid while the rest of the world can’t travel or visit family in other countries/states due to border restrictions just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Others, however, were simply flabbergasted over her ignorance and wondered, “so does coronavirus just not exist for the uber rich? why is kylie jenner and gang in Paris just chillin like nothings wrong in the world? i hate it here”

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