Gulab Jamun Pancakes? This Overly Sweet Combination is Leaving a Bitter Aftertaste on Twitter

Various bizarre dishes and their recipes have surfaced for quite some time on social media.

Netizens have seen Maggi panipuri, ice cream dosa and Nutella Biryani. This time, a dish called Gulab Jamun pancakes has caught the attention of social media users.

A Tik Tok video of its recipe is doing rounds on the internet. The clip shows a person (a woman from voice) making pancake batter from the readymade Gulab Jamunmix.

She then prepares pancakes by shallow-frying them and adds sweet syrup, instead of maple syrup, to it. The sweet syrup was prepared using water, sugar, rose water and cardamom powder.

The clip was shared on Twitter and it has gone viral, gathering over 175K views and more than 2K likes. Tweeple have also commented in large numbers on the post.

A user wished he did not know about the dish as now eating this has become his “new life’s mission”.

One person compared it with desi dish called malpua.

Another person also said the dish is called malpua in Bengal. Responding to this malpua tweet, a user said, “Malpua is different….the batter in itself has different ingredients in it.”

A netizens said that this was the first tweet he had ever bookmarked.

“Ok my friend I don’t know how this works but I nominate you for a Nobel prize. Who’s seconding? (Slow Clap) #Genius,” wrote a Twitterati.

Gulab Jamun is a desi dish which has little balls of black and brown colour dipped in sugar syrup. It tastes best when consumed hot.

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