Desi Teacher Mimicking Volcanic Eruption With Sound Effects is a Class You Wouldn’t Want to Bunk

Volcano eruption practical class by teacher Nitesh Karale. Credits: Twitter

Volcano eruption practical class by teacher Nitesh Karale. Credits: Twitter

The hilarious video of the teacher, teaching volcano eruption in a unique way uploaded on August 27 has invited nearly 53 thousand views. It has gathered 2.3 K likes and 545 Retweets and comments.

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Online classes have become a norm in pandemic and teachers have gotten their creative juices flowing to teach their students via a computer screen.

Recently a video that has surfaced on the internet, in which a teacher can be seen teaching a volcanic eruption in a unique way during his online class.

The video shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on a micro-blogging site with a caption, “I regret not having studied under him, Teacher teaching VOLCANO in online class…”

Comments on the video suggest that his name is Nitesh Karale and he teaches for Maharashtra Public Service Commission.

The video, which is 1-minute-long, begins with the teacher scribbling a volcano on the whiteboard while making hand gestures. Further, in the video, he is seen drawing illustrations on the board by making bizarre yet appropriate sounds of the pouring hot lava to make it easier for his students to understand.

Not only that, but he also uses hilarious analogies to make students understand the entire process easier. For instance, he compares the volcano to a growing pimple– how a pimple is small and slowly grows before finally bursting, something, according to him, happens when a volcano explodes after a certain amount of time.

Have a look at the video:

His interactive way of teaching has left the netizens stunned. While few are praising him for his method of teaching, others are having a laugh riot.

One Tweeple also commented by making a hilarious remark that wrote, “If this technique is adopted by teachers/lectures no student will ever get sleepy in the classroom”.

Here are some of the reactions:

This is not the first time a teacher has adopted a unique way to impart knowledge.

Earlier, a video of a teacher and his YouTube lesson had gone viral on the Internet.

His “super trick, very Funny & easy method” to memorize the periodic table in Chemistry had netizens howling in laughter.

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