Cardi B breaks silence over criticism on ‘WAP’ music video

Cardi B breaks silence over criticism on ‘WAP’ music video

Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B addressed mounting complaints about her music video recently and even set the record straight over having ‘overly explicit’ undertones in her work.

During a recent interview with the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the Grammy award-winning rapper slammed any and all hate directed towards her new single WAP.

“The people that the song bothers are usually conservatives or really religious people, but my thing is I grew up listening to this type of music.” The rapper went on to say, “Other people might think it’s strange and vulgar, but to me, it’s almost like really normal, you know what I’m saying?”

While Cardi does agree that even she won’t let her 2-year-old daughter jam out to WAP, it should be an obvious choice given her music always has been targeted towards adults. She was quoted saying, “No, of course, I don’t want my child to listen to this song and everything — but it’s for adults.”

Taking a nod at the current ratings, Cardi also pointed out how the song would never be able to do this well if it was explicit. “You wanna know something? It’s what people wanna hear. If people didn’t wanna hear it, if they were so afraid to hear it, it wouldn’t be doing as good.”

Her only intention with her music is to make women feel more empowered. During a past interview with Elle, Cardi claimed, “My music is always going to make a woman feel like a bad bitch. When you make a woman feel like she’s the baddest bitch in the room, to me, that’s female empowerment.”

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