#BindiTwitter is Taking Over Social Media, But Kokilaben is the Winner

From time to time, Twitter surprises us with gems like #BindiTwitter, where hundreds of netizens, irrespective of gender, share photos and selfies donning bindis. And this is every desi’s favourite trend, for obvious trends.

Twitter can often be an exhausting place to be in, with people spewing hatred and unsolicited opinions. But then again, it redeems itself with sweet trends like this.

We’ve had #SareeTwitter before, remember? Back then too, men and women shared exquisite photos of themselves embracing the nine yards.

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Many posted their own versions of Bindi too. For example, a Twitter user posted a photo with a tiny bhindi emoji on her forehead (Bhindi and Bindi, get it?). And of course, if we’re speaking of Bindis, how can you forget the most viral bindi of the week – that of Kokilaben? Some joked that this is another attempt to convert Twitter into Instagram; but then again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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