Manipur Boy Develops Mobile Game ‘Coroboi’ Based on Covid-19 Guidelines

A boy from Imphal in Manipur has created a mobile game named ‘Coroboi’ based on coronavirus guidelines.

The boy, Baldeep Ningthoujam, who studies in class nine, has come up with the mobile game which is now available on Android phones, according to a report by ANI.

Ningthoujam told ANI that he would like to be an ethical hacker some day and work with Artificial Intelligence or AI. He also narrated how the idea for Coroboi came to be.

He said that his uncle had recommended that he develop a game on coronavirus. Thus, he decided to work on the idea and scrolled through numerous articles and YouTube videos to develop an app. He said that he started working on it a week ago and the app was launched last weekend.

In April this year, when the nationwide coronavirus lockdown has just began, another Covid-19 themed game had been launched named ‘Bhaag Corona.’

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The game, which has limited visuals, has Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the bottom, with a drop of what appears to be hand sanitizer. The villain in the game is the virus. The challenge is to aim the sanitiser at this ‘virus’ and thereby kill it.

All one has to do is a simple one-tap click and make sure the timing of the click and the sanitizer droplet to reach the moving coronavirus particle is aligned.

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