Tiger Camouflaged in Bushes Will Make You Rub Your Eyes. Can You Spot it?

Picture shared by the wild photographer, amazed netizens. Credits: Twitter

Picture shared by the wild photographer, amazed netizens. Credits: Twitter

Sagar shared two images of a tiger, one a long-shot, where the beast is not apparently visible, another a close-up of big cat sitting under the shade of wild bushes.

  • Last Updated: August 24, 2020, 6:08 PM IST

Social media is full of pictures and images of animals often people visit these pages to distract themselves from the usual monotony that flows on the Internet.

Recently, wildlife photographer Sagar Damle shared amazing images of a tiger, which he reportedly captured in Bandipur National Park in Karnataka. He shared two photographs.

What we can see with the naked eye is a set of wild bushes and nothing else. However, if we look closely at it, we may be able to see the shadow or, possibly, an animal in its flesh and another close-up, where the animal can be seen giving an intense look at the camera.

The images have garnered more than 900 likes since it was shared on August 20.

Similar to the photos above, we have come across several other photos that are taken in such a way that it can make anyone go crazy looking for the animal camouflaging with nature.

Netizens were amazed by the photos and couldn’t stop gazing at the big cat and wondering What is tiger doing behind the bushes.

One user commented, “Yes have heard these words almost in every Tiger Reserve I visited, “Tiger is always watching you. Whether you sight a Tiger or not is your luck” and that’s true.”

What do you think about this amazing capture? Tell us!

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