Giant Alligator Steals Ball From Louisiana Golf Course, Hair-raising Video Goes Viral

Crocodile teasing the humans with a golf ball in its mouth. Credits: Twitter

Crocodile teasing the humans with a golf ball in its mouth. Credits: Twitter

Alligator not only consumed the golf ball at the Louisiana course but shortly, teased the player flashing the white ball with his mouth wide open.

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  • Last Updated: August 24, 2020, 11:52 AM IST

Off late quite a few instances of alligators being found in golf courses have come into the limelight. In the latest incident, the huge reptile not only made its way to the ground but also managed to steal a ball.

According to a short video shared on Twitter by a user named Theo Shantonas, the huge animal can be seen toying the ball in his mouth. Captioning the now-viral clip, Theo wrote, “You taking the shot?”

Till now, the video has been viewed more than two lakh times. The video as one would expect has attracted all sorts of comments. On a witty note, a person wrote, “Gator is being quite cheeky about it, really. Almost like he’s saying “you mean this ball? Here, come & get it.”

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Another user wrote, “Ask course marshal Joe if you get a mulligan or if it counts as a stroke penalty?”

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A couple of users have also dropped the laugh out loud emoji as their reaction. Many users in a fun manner have described how the big reptile would have teased the golfers. Take a look at some of such reactions:

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