Watch: Baby Penguins Enjoy Their First Swim in a Chicago Aquarium in This Adorable Video

Video grab of baby penguins swimming.
(Credit: Twitter/ @shedd_aquarium)

Video grab of baby penguins swimming.
(Credit: Twitter/ @shedd_aquarium)

The Magellanic penguins were hatched at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium in May.

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A video that will truly warm your heart and bring a smile to your face is going viral on the internet these days. Just like the first steps of a baby are a moment of overjoy, these baby penguins’ first exposure to water too are evoking the same kind of emotions in netizens.

According to a report published in Yahoo News, these Magellanic penguins were hatched at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium in May. It was only two weeks ago when these cuties went for their first swim.

As can be seen in the video that has been shared on the official handle of the aquarium, the penguins are seen being a bit skeptical before entering the water. Once they finally jump in water, all of them can be seen flapping their wings and having a good time in water.

Captioning the adorable video, the Shedd Aquarium said, “The penguin chicks have started swimming! The four young penguins were recently introduced to water and are ready to make a splash—a major milestone! Once they are fully comfortable swimming, they’ll join the rest of the penguin colony.”

A user who seemed to have noticed that one of the penguins isn’t doing quite fine, wrote, “Love the work you’re doing. Is something wrong with the last baby to take the plunge? Seemed to be moving through the water imbalanced.”

Replying to the user’s concern, the aquarium wrote, “The last one is ok! They aren’t imbalanced in the water, just learning how to swim. They will also move that way to rub/groom their feathers in the water as they swim.”

Most comments on the post are of love and awe. Have a look at few of them:

In another news, a latest research stated, Antarctica-based Adélie penguin can see a population boom in the coming years. This is because the decrease in sea ice level makes it easier for these small birds to survive.

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