This Travel Enthusiast is Matching Places on Currency Notes to Famous Landmarks

Image Credits: Instagram/@parachaexplores.

Image Credits: Instagram/@parachaexplores.

Recently, Paracha travelled to the famous monuments of Pakistan under the Currency Project.

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  • Last Updated: August 22, 2020, 7:39 PM IST

Everyone has some hobby or the other which they cherish at every cost.

While some love to collect coins, others simply love to cross the names of countries from their travelling list.

However, cloud solution architect and travel enthusiast EmaadParacha loves to backpack and travel across famous landmarks printed on the currency notes and coins.

Recently, Paracha travelled to the famous monuments of Pakistan under the Currency Project. Talking about the idea that made him take up this project, Paracha told Dawn that his journey began in 2015 during a family trip to Mohenjo-Daro. “I had always noticed it at the back of our 20 rupee note. So when I got there, I asked the guide where the picture was originally taken.”

He clicked a picture of a crumbled Rs 20 note with the background of the monument and posted it on social media without much thought. The picture was well received on social media. “I thought to myself, why not make this an excuse to travel around Pakistan, take more of these pictures, and learn more about our history?” he added.

Over the duration of the next four years, Paracha travelled to other places and clicked pictures with all major monuments on the currency notes and coins. This included Bab-e-Khyber as on Rs 10 note, Badshahi mosque Lahore as printed on Rs 500 note, Islamia College Peshawar as on Rs 1000 note and Faisal Mosque Islamabad as printed on Rs 5000 note.

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