Miss Going Outdoors? This Website Lets You Virtually Drive Through Indian Cities

Image credits: Musical Drive.

Image credits: Musical Drive.

Musical Drive, works on both web and phone browsers, uses drive-around YouTube videos as the source and expands them to the full screen.

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  • Last Updated: August 22, 2020, 6:31 PM IST

Eight months into a global pandemic, going out has become a restricted activity.

While things are slowly re-opening, there are still occasional lockdowns, curfews and restrictions in many parts of the world. Some days, when you get tired of the four walls inside your house and want to step out, you realize, you can’t.

Among some of the more outdoorsy things people can no longer do is driving aimlessly. In a lot of cities, people are only stepping out to commute, and the occasional ‘gaedi’ marna has taken a backseat….err, stayed at home.

A website, however, aims to change that.

Musical Drive lets you go on a virtual first-person experience of driving a car in some major cities in India.

Be it Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai Sea Jaipur, the website simulates the experience of being in the driver seat of a car that weaves its way around traffic, passing by familiar landmarks.

Complete with audio and in-built radio playing random songs, you almost feel like you’re back outside again.

The website features 22 Indian cities, from the capitals of Delhi to the major roads of NCR, from a summer evening in North Kolkata to the pink city of Japiur, and from the sea-link in Mumbai to the traffic sprawls of OMR in Chennai.

The creator of the app, however, is just 19 years old and doesn’t drive on highways, he tells The Hindu in an interview.

Khushil Shah is a second year Engineering student at KJ Somaiya College, Mumbai, and created the app from an idea of his father.

“He saw something like this online for foreign cities, and asked me if I could recreate this for Indian cities,” he says, over a phone call.”

With him, and his older sibling who runs Instagram page @tipsfromgeek, built the web app.

Musical Drive, works on both web and phone browsers, uses drive-around YouTube videos as the source and expands them to the full screen.

Other than India, cities in the US, UK, Canada and UAE are also included. You can check out the experience here.

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