IKEA’s ‘Gaffe’ in Arabic Translation On Poster Outside Bahrain Store Has Social Media Chuckling

The photo was posted by a Dubai-based woman named Sneha on Twitter

The photo was posted by a Dubai-based woman named Sneha on Twitter

A poster outside an IKEA store in Bahrain has left netizens in splits after a ‘translation gaffe’ in its advertisement took social media by storm.

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  • Last Updated: August 22, 2020, 5:16 PM IST

If you have ever been associated with a translation job or studied any part of it, you would know that often the meaning of the words often gets lost in translation.

If you would have used translation apps, you might have faced a similar problem, with the apps often confusing the words and their meanings. However, how lazy can you imagine someone to be who is given the job of translation for a company like IKEA?


The IKEA Bahrain shop has given netizens a good laugh after leaving a funny Arabic translation of their tagline on the main office board. The tagline, which is to create your perfect night’s sleep, had to be translated into Arabic. However, the translation reads, “Same text but in Arabic.”


A twitter user shared the picture online, writing, “Ikeaaaaa what are you doing??? P.S the Arabic copy says, “Same text but in Arabic.”



She added, “For those getting confused, I am talking about the Arabic copy under, ‘Create your perfect night’s sleep’ and not the copy under ‘IKEA’.”



However, IKEA Bahrain was smart enough to change their mistake into a smart marketing gimmick. They added another text beneath, writing, “This is what happens when u don’t get enough sleep… enjoy perfect night sleep”



Netizens couldn’t stop lauding the company for their exceptionally smart comeback. A user wrote, “IKEA Bahrain fixed it… Dumb mistake turned into a genius marketing opportunity. Well played.”



Here’s what others had to add:



What do you think? A marketing move for the ages or just a mistake that needs to be shown as a perfect move?


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