Google’s Caption Contest on ‘Childish Weeping’ Image Sparks Dank 2020 Memes

The Image shared by google which asks people to caption it. Credits: Google 
/ Instagram.

The Image shared by google which asks people to caption it. Credits: Google
/ Instagram.

The post shared by google created a buzz on social media, netizens couldn’t stop relating the expression with 2020.

  • Last Updated: August 22, 2020, 12:59 PM IST

Caption contests are an integral part of the Internet. From Netflix to ICC, brands have, over the years, taken the route of memes to increase online user engagement.

Recently, Google joined the popular trend with an image and asked people to share a few words to capture the picture’s essence and good folks of the web delivered with the funniest captions possible.

The image was shared on the official Instagram page of Google Arts & Culture. “#CaptionThis facial emotion,” they wrote. The caption further described that the bust is called “Childish Weeping” and was created by an artist named Franz Xaver Messerschmidt between 1771 to 1783.

Since being shared on August 21, the post has gained more than 4,800 likes and hundreds of comments.

Instagrammers left no stones unturned to share their thoughts in the comment section. Netizens felt the image accurately captured 2020.

“2020,” simply wrote another user. Expressing the same thought an Instagrammewr wrote, “2020 in nutshell.”

“Another Zoom call,” wrote an Instagram user. We know that feeling all too well.

“Me when they tell me school is canceled due to coronavirus.”

“Me when I saw that there are TWO hurricanes headed for the Gulf of Mexico and I have a paid for vacation in Panama City Beach next week. #thanks2020.”

“Going through a haunted house as a kid and they tell you too reach in this random box and it a full of goo.”

What caption would you write?

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