Animal Crossing? Curioussss Snake is the Latest Visitor at the Chicago Aquarium

Curious snake looking at Fish. Credits: Twitter

Curious snake looking at Fish. Credits: Twitter

A video shared by the aquarium on Twitter shows a curious snake watching fish in a tank. Moreover, the post garnered over 17,000 views.

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  • Last Updated: August 22, 2020, 2:58 PM IST

Curiosity is common across quite a few species. Recently, a tree boa snake in Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium seemed to have got a bit curious about his fish neighbours. 

In a video that has been shared by the aquarium’s official handle on Twitter, one can see the stunning green coloured reptile looking dedicatedly at the aquarium. Further, if one notices closely, the snake is moving up and down probably to see how the fish moves in the aquarium. 


Captioning the post, the aquarium said, “Snakes get curious too! The penguins aren’t the only animals who take field trips around the aquarium — this emerald tree boa seemed fascinated by his fishy neighbours.”

Till now, the video has been viewed over 17 thousand times and has been liked by more than 17 hundred people on the micro-blogging site alone.

As one would expect, Twitterati too has dropped in comments filled with love and awe in the post. Some people in a funny tone have written how the snake is looking at its food in the aquarium. 

A person in a witty tone said, “Food omg look at all the food haha”

Another person noticed something that many would have ignored. Pointing that out, he wrote, “A sea flap-flap is doing laps around the bottom of the tank.”

One more user commented on the beauty of the snake, saying, “My goodness that’s a gorgeous reptile.”

Take a look at some other reactions:

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