A Floating Volcanic Rock May Be Our Only Hope to Save the Great Barrier Reef From Climate Change

When one is told about an volcanic eruption, the first thought about it is that a hot thick liquid would have flown out following an explosion from within the mountain. However, what may not be so commonly known is that the volcanoes also exist underneath the ocean waves.

So when a volcano erupts under the ocean, the series of events that follow are entirely different from a usual volcanic eruption. According to a report published in BGR, a volcanic eruption under the sea took place near Tonga. Following the eruption, a huge raft of floating rock was produced.

As per the report, after quite a few months of the incident, a huge sheet of pumice has been found in the ocean in Australia. More interestingly, this piece can be very useful for the struggling Great Barrier Reef. The experts believe that the floating rock can revive areas of the reef that have been dramatically affected by climate change.

According to Professor Scott Bryan of the Queensland University of Technology, “Pumice rafts alone won’t help mitigate directly the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef.” He revealed that this acts as a boost of new corals and other reef-building organisms, a phenomenon which otherwise happens every five years or so.

Further giving an insight, the professor said that every piece of the pumice acts as a home and a vehicle for an organism. “The sheer numbers of individuals and this diversity of species is being transported thousands of kilometres in only a matter of months is really quite phenomenal,” he added.

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