What Would You Add to a Plate of Plain Rice? Viral Twitter Thread is a Goldmine of Recipes

Looking for ideas to spice up your plate of rice? Look no further | Image credit: Twitter

Looking for ideas to spice up your plate of rice? Look no further | Image credit: Twitter

A Twitter user and rice lover recently asked netizens what were the two things that they wanted to add to a plate of rice.

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  • Last Updated: August 21, 2020, 7:28 PM IST

Rice is a universal food item, consumed in every city and town on the Earth. So when a Twitter took to the microblogging site with a photo of a plate of plain rice, asking netizens to name the two things they would like to add to the plate before eating it, there were bound to be some reactions.

Not everyone consumes rice in a similar way. Within just India, there is a vast diversity in the various ways in which people consume rice. While North Indians would prefer a plate of rice with a bowl of “peeli daal” (yellow lentil) or a side of spicy “choley” (chickpeas), someone from the South might ask for a plate of rasam or sambhar to go with rice.

Perhaps to find out more about the different culinary combinations using rice, Twitter user Ali Qasim asked netizens to name any two items that they would like to add to a plate of rice. “You can only add 2 things to this plate of simple rice. Name them,” his tweet read.

Soon after, the tweet was bombarded with a variety of responses that not brought forth some interesting food combinations but also revealed different cultures and food habits, not only across India but the world.

Posting a picture of cheddar cheese and baked beans, a user wrote, “Mix these together in a pot with rice and you’re looking good. Cheap, nutritious, filling food.”

Another user replied, “Just add two genes, phytoene synthase & phytoene desaturase, watch the rice grains produce β-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A! Viola, Golden Rice! Bonus? Can save the lives and eyesights of a million children!”

A user from Brazil shared her plate of rice with baked beans and farofa, made with cassava flour sautéed in butter and adding onions, cabbage or bacon.

Here’s what others added:

What would you add to a plate of plain rice?

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