Vin Diesel Appears as a Singing Spy in Ad for Husband and Wife-owned Chinese E-scooter Company

Vin Diesel appears as a spy in an advertisement for a Yadea Motors two-wheeler vehicle | Image credit: YouTube

Vin Diesel appears as a spy in an advertisement for a Yadea Motors two-wheeler vehicle | Image credit: YouTube

Hollywood actor Vin Diesel appears in an advertisement for the Chinese company Yadea Motors, which has seen a spike in sales since the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Last Updated: August 20, 2020, 6:50 PM IST

No stranger to charity and social work, Hollywood actor Vin Diesel of The Fast and The Furious fame is int he limelight once again, this time for helping a Chinese couple earn money be selling electric scooters.

A Chinese auto company called Yadea Group Holdings Ltd. run by a husband-wife duo recently gained following in China after they started manufacturing inter-connected e-scooters in 2001. Last year, the company even opened subsidiaries in Germany and Vietnam.

And now, with the COVID-19 pandemic increasing demand for the two-wheelers among new social distancing norms, the company has managed to rope in actor Vin Diesel to appear in its advertisements, Bloomberg reported.

In an advertisement that was released earlier in 2020, Diesel can be seen as singer in a broadway bar in Los Angeles, US, who later turns out to be a spy. His secret getaway? A Yadea two-wheeler.

You can watch the complete ad on YouTube:

This, is not the first instance of Vin Diesel going viral on social media recently. In an unrelated incident, a conman duped a German woman of £5,000 (Rs 4,93,000 approxiamtely) by pretending to be Diesel. The fraudster made the woman believe that he loved her before demanding money from her.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Yadea has reported an increase in sales as more and more Chinese look for safe modes of transport that can help them commute while maintaining social distance.

China is not the only country that saw a trend toward bikes since the emergence of the global coronavirus pandemic which mandated social distance, driving people out of public transport and in search of safer alternatives.

A Reuters report from April mentioned an increase in the use of bikes in the US as coronavirus hit Americans took to public transport to commute to work.

In June, Italian cities saw a boom in the use of bicycles as the coronavirus pandemic peaked in several parts of the country.

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