Rat Caught on CCTV Starts Fire in Hyderabad Office, Causes Damage Worth Rs 1 Crore

Photo: Twitter/Aditya Gona

Photo: Twitter/Aditya Gona

The incident, which happened past midnight, caught three cars in fire, and a total damage to property worth Rs 1 crore.

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  • Last Updated: August 21, 2020, 12:28 PM IST

We can often see rodents and rats roaming around in places, including offices, shops and even our homes. They either leave the place themselves or are trapped using different ways. However, can you imagine a rat ever causing you a loss of Rs 1 crore?

An incident of a sort occurred in a Hyderabad office in February this year, while the culprit has been identified now. On February 8 this year, a major fire broke out at Mitra Motors, a car service centre in Musheerabad. The company majorly deals with sales and services of Maruti Nexa cars.

The incident, which happened past midnight, caught three cars in fire, and a total damage to property worth Rs 1 crore. For six months, the owners held the short circuit responsible for the mishap and the case was closed. However, according to a The News Minute report, the real culprit is one other than a rat.

In the CCTV footage of the office checked recently, a rat was identified as the culprit behind the huge fire. The CCTV slip, inspected by a private forensic agency called Truth Labs, shows the sequence of incidents that lead to the fire.

Apparently, the office held a puja on the morning of February 7, where a diya was lit. Due to no wind in the room, the diya stayed lit till the night. In the absence of people, a rat entered the office and was seen holding something bright in his mouth, probably the lighting wick. It dropped it near the wires, causing the short circuit, which thus led to the massive fire.

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