TN Woman Robbed of Life Savings, Gold Jewellery and Rs 25,000, by Troop of Monkeys

A troop of monkeys broke into the hut of a 70-year-old woman in Tiruvaiyaru in Tamil Nadu and escaped with eatables, cash and gold jewellery.

G Sarathambal, a widow, lives alone in her house and was out washing clothes when the monkeys sneaked in. They ran away with a few bananas and a bag of rice. Unfortunately, the woman had also kept all of her life savings in that bag of rice.

She did run after the monkeys, who had settled on a roof top to munch on the bananas. Many locals tried to lure the monkeys away but all efforts to retrieve the bag proved futile. The monkeys eventually escaped with the bag and have not been traced since. The bag contained all the jewellery she owned along with Rs 25,000 in cash.

The woman had saved this for emergencies. The villagers have now demanded that the monkeys be caught and stopped from entering the village.

This is not the first time monkeys have caused a ruckus in recent times.

In May this year, a video of a monkey trying to kidnap a child went viral on the internet. The clip shows three kids sitting on a bench and the monkey approaching towards them on a full-speed miniature bike. As soon as, the baboon reaches near the bench, it leaves the bike and pulls a toddler from the bench.

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