‘Want a Family to Talk’: 9-Year-Old Boy’s Emotional Adoption Appeal Gets over 5,000 Responses

9-year-old Jordan makes an adoption appeal. 
(Credit: Video grab/ Fox5)

9-year-old Jordan makes an adoption appeal.
(Credit: Video grab/ Fox5)

‘I hope one of y’all pick me’, the 9-year-old who is currently in foster care, said.

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  • Last Updated: August 17, 2020, 6:33 PM IST

Thousands of adoption inquires are flooding a foster care home in Oklahoma after a 9-year-old boy expressed his hopes of having a family in a heart-touching message on live TV.

Jordan, who has been under the foster care for the past six years was featured on KFOR’s weekly series “A Place To Call Home”, where he said how much he wanted a permanent home and family after his biological brother go adopted too.

When he was asked what was that one place he would want to go, he answered, “To an adoption party for a home.”

“I would just like to have a family to call mom and dad or just mom or just dad. I don’t really care,” said Jordan adding that a family could have him some people to talk to whenever he needed to.

“I hope one of y’all pick me,” he said.

As soon as Jordan’s video went viral, calls and more than 5000 adoption applications started pouring in from places as far as New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky etc reports Fox5.

Christopher Marlowe, Jordan’s OKDHS Permanency Planning Worker, said that he has kept going through the applications and selecting few families to move forward with.

Marlowe also noted that Jordan has had a difficult time moving around countless number of time, with families initially showing interests only to dismiss them later saying that he doesn’t fit right.

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