Texas Man Gets Married to Fiancée at Hospital Where He is Undergoing Treatment for Covid-19

With face masks, bride and groom took their wedding vows in the hospital.

With face masks, bride and groom took their wedding vows in the hospital.

The wedding was attended by doctors and few family members as couple got married in the hospital where the groom is undergoing treatment for Covid-19.

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  • Last Updated: August 17, 2020, 6:54 PM IST

With doctors and few family members in attendance this wedding at a hospital in San Antonio was one of its kind. Carlos Muniz was on bed in the hospital wearing face mask, like other guests and the bride Grace Leimann when the couple took the wedding vows.

Muniz from Texas got married to his fiancée Leimann on August 11 even though when he was undergoing treatment for

Covid-19. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 the same week he was set to get married in July, KSAT.com reported. Muniz was admitted to hospital on July 15, but was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit as his health condition worsened.

Even though Muniz was still on life-saving machine to help him with heart and lung function, the hospital officials decided to help the couple get married.

Photographs of the unique wedding show Muniz in a tuxedo on the hospital bed while Grace walked through the hospital corridors in her bridal gown. Members of the hospital staff and some close family were present for the ceremony which was officiated by Muniz’s father.

The groom has tested negative for Covid-19 after being in the hospital for nearly a month, he is still on the machine to assist heart and lung function and is yet to recover completely.

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