Desi Man Shares ‘Real Struggle’ of Doing ‘Jhaadu’ in Lockdown. We Can All Relate to the Hilarious Video

Real Struggle of Household Chores. Credits: Twitter

Real Struggle of Household Chores. Credits: Twitter

A video of a guy showing the struggle of collecting last bit dirt in dustpan after brooming left netizens into a hilarious zone. Moreover, the clip gathered 32 thousand retweets.

  • Last Updated: August 16, 2020, 7:14 PM IST

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, everybody has stayed in their homes to combat its spread. During this time, we have all taken up household chores to pass our time and clean our homes.

In case you are desi, you must be familiar with the ritual of doing ‘jhaadu’ every morning during this quarantine and the real struggle of brooming is collecting dirt in the dustpan.

A Twitter user Venkatasubramanian recently shared a video of a man brooming and trying to collect everything in a dustpan. He shared the video with the caption, “Ridiculously brilliant.

The recording shows a man using a broom and a dustpan to sweep the floor. However, during this cleaning spree, he runs into a struggle we all may be familiar with – how to sweep the collected dust from floor to dustpan? The never-ending task continues and the man ends up at different scenes like a Donald Trump press conference, a video game, the set of Lacasa De Papel (Money Heist), a scene from Baahubali followed by a Game of Thrones scene. The video ends with the guy eventually prevailing over the challenge. Yet it’s the twist in the video that is tickling the funny bone of viewers.

Don’t know what we are talking about? Here’s the video:

Although this hilarious video is originally created by @Watch_lmnop.

Since being shared on the micro-blogging site, this video garnered over 978 thousand views. Additionally, it has nearly 67,000 likes and countless comments.

Here is what Twitterati had to say about the clip:

Do you relate to this real life struggle?

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